The Pitch

I’ve had pretty good success pitching this game in person at conventions and in groups of friends, but I tend to go on a bit, and that lengthy style doesn’t work so well in text form.  So now I’m trying to find the wording that will best give the game’s audience the info they need.  I want to show how it’s unique and not redundant with other games, and communicate the play experience as strikingly as possible so readers can envision the fun they’ll have.

Here’s my latest take:

Within My Clutches

A Supervillains’ Lament

a game of supervillain stories for 4-5 players

Your power is great.  Your plans are grand.  A few vexing needs gnaw at you, but after you seize what you desire, nothing will stand in your path.  Juggling tenuous achievements with an epic master plan would be beyond normal people, but for you, it will be child’s play.  Really.  Uh huh.  Yep.  No doubt.

Take turns describing and portraying the adventures of your own badass, neurotic villains!  Play consists mostly of talking — while you play your villain, the game rules and the other players present your villain with options and opportunities.  All the while, everyone rewards the story-telling they like best with points for bonus screen time.

How will your story turn out?  Will you meet your needs and complete your master plan, crash and burn from over-reaching, or in between?  Show your friends your villainous efforts, roll the dice, and find out!  Then help them do the same with their villains!

Your villain will wallow and rant and revel, and you all will laugh and celebrate the villainy.

This game includes sets of pre-made villain characters and guest stars, as well as rules for making your own.  10 6-sided dice and pencils not included.

That’s the pitch.  Feedback welcome!  What’s missing?  What’s redundant?


3 thoughts on “The Pitch

  1. Great pitch overall! I assume you are satisfied with the length? It seems a little long for someone to take in quickly – but maybe it’s not meant to be taken in at a glance?

    In the first paragraph I at first thought you should remove “Really. Uh huh. Yep. No doubt.” It seems out of place and different in tone than the rest. But I actually think the contrast is appropriate to show what the villains plan, and how clueless they can be. Maybe something like “As long as that one thing doesn’t go wrong…” Not sure.

    “crash and burn from over-reaching, or in between?” – Would make it “something in-between” or better yet just take that out: “Will you meet your needs and complete your master plan, or crash and burn from over-reaching?”

    • Oh man, I missed this comment! I’ll have to change the WordPress setting which made it wait for my approval.

      As for length, I was thinking of this as the Back Cover version, but I do need a shorter one. I’ll try to post that shortly.

      I am not a huge fan of the tone of “Really, uh huh, yep” etc., either, but I really do want that juxtaposed cluelessness. Maybe, “It will be child’s play! Not that it ever has been before, but this time will be different!”?

      As for “in between”, I don’t want to create the impression that it’s a win/loss, yes/no deal, because I think that’s less interesting than the reality of possible mixed outcomes. But perhaps I need to tease the mixed outcomes in a fun way rather than just say “in between”. Perhaps:

      “Will you meet your needs and complete your master plan, crash and burn from over-reaching, or be forced to choose between your urges and your schemes?”

      Thanks for the thoughts!

  2. I also received this from Allison Hurd:

    “I like the direction you’re going in, but I think you’re underselling how quirky and quick (to learn and play) the game is. I think if you played with words/phrases that are more colorful than “describing and portraying the adventures” of the supervillains it might be more attention-grabbing. Perhaps a snippet of an example of what sorts of opportunities and options the villain might have? An emphasis on the cinematic quality of the game?”

    Thanks, Allison! Being the rules nerd that I am, I sometimes forget that color and fiction is the lifeblood of an RPG’s appeal. I definitely need to bring that out more in the pitch. Thinking over some actual play moments now…

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